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My Entries for DollVille Spirit Month

       Hi guys! These are my entries for DollVille spirit month!  Historical Week              For Historical week, I decided to go for an early 1900s theme. Riding bicycles was a very popular pastime in Samantha’s time! Fairytale Week        I had been stuck on fairytale week for a while and jokingly said to my friend that I wanted to do Shrek. Well, I ended up doing a Shrek inspired photoshoot! I love these photos so much, so while I’m going to enter the above one, I wanted to share the rest. Pajama Week             Here we have Claudie all snuggled up, reading in bed! Her pajamas are a little cut off, but she’s wearing AG’s Honey Puppy PJs. Lots of the Pajama week entries I’ve seen are of pillow fights, but Claudie told me that she is much too tired for that! She might just fall asleep right there… ZZZ… Travel Week         And last but not least, here is my entry for travel week! I thought, why should I limit myself to an earthly destination? Luciana here is taking a nice vacation t

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