Saltwater and Ocean Puns


    “Welp, here we are,” Eden said, looking around.

     “Oh hey! Is that the ocean?!” Luna said suddenly. 

        “Yeah,” Eden said. “And look—- it’s waving at us!”

     “Oh, ha. I get it. ‘Cause waves,” Luna laughed. “Should we go swimming?” 

      Eden watched the water rise up into miniature tsunamis and crash against the coastline. It didn’t look exactly pleasant to swim in. Besides, it was the middle of winter. While it was warm, it wasn’t really warm enough to go swimming. 

      “I dunno,” Eden said. “I think the water’s a little too cray-sea to swim right now. How aboat we go explore?” 

       Luna agreed and the girls set off. The white sand was hard to walk through, so it took twice as long to get anywhere as normal. Suddenly, Luna stopped short. 

      “Look at those footprints! Do- do you think they came from- from a monster? Maryellen told me to watch out for the Floridian Lizard Monster.” 

     “I’ve never heard of the Floridian Lizard Monster before!” Eden exclaimed. “These footprints probably came from a sea bird- just like that one!”

       She pointed at a nearby seagull. The bird strut around the beach, looking for food to steal. 

       “Oh, Luna! You’re so seagullible!” Eden exclaimed.

        Luna was a little embarrassed, but seeing Eden’s smile at her own joke made her feel a bit better. 

        The girls kept walking until they reached several huge sand dunes. 

        “Woah! Look at that! We could climb up that dune and be on top of the world!” Luna said excitedly. 

      “But, it looks like we’re not allowed to for, ‘dune restoration?’” She added, pointing to a sign. 

       “That’s going to be a fishue,” Eden said. 
         “I think that’s enough puns, Eden,” Luna shook her head. “Let’s explore the boardwalk.” 

         “Enough puns?!” Eden exclaimed, catching up to Luna who had started walking ahead. “But puns give me porpoise! I’ve surfed the web, waiting for only the best puns to wash up.”

        The girls barely made it up the boardwalk before Eden stopped and pointed at a sign. 

        “That’s turtle-y awesome,” she said.

         “Whatever,” Luna rolled her eyes. “Hey, look at this sign.”

      “No wonder the water is currently so fintense! It would apeir that the red flag is up! That means high hazard!” Eden said.

     Luna shot her a warning glance. Eden just smiled maniacally. Several more puns were included while exploring the rest of the boardwalk.

      When they stepped back on the beach, Luna looked exhausted. 
         “I’m going to go build a sandcastle,” Luna said. She rushed off before Eden could make another pun. 

         “Oh my cod, what is her prawnlem? My puns are hilarious!” Eden said to herself. 

         Eden walked over to where Luna was building her sand castle. The structure was detailed and ornate. She had even somehow managed to make little spheres out of sand!

        “Uh-uh,” Luna said when she saw Eden approaching. “No puns allowed within the city limits of Sandcastle-topia!” 
         “Are you squidding me? I fish you would just admit that these jokes are awesome!” Eden laughed. Luna glared at her friend. 

          “Let’s look for seashells,” Luna said. 

           Unfortunately for Eden, there didn’t seem to be any sea shells laying around, but Luna still managed to find several small ones. 

         “I’m shelllous,” Eden told her when Luna showed her finds. 
          “Ok! That’s it!” Luna cried. “I can’t take it anymore! The puns are krilling me!” 

       “Now you get it!” Eden exclaimed cheerfully.

        Luna laughed, “That’s actually kinda fun.”

         “Yup. With our brains combrined, we can make the best ocean puns in existence!”
           “We’ll annoy everyone else! It’ll be shrimppossible to avoid us!” 

         Happy New Year! I’m super excited to introduce Eden! Eden is basically me as a doll, so I knew I had to make this photo story while we were at the beach. I guess this photo story did kind of end on a cliffhanger, but I’m sure they went home after vacation and annoyed everyone to death (and I’m sure several other dolls joined in). This was also my first real photo story, and it was a lot of fun. I would make photo stories all the time if my dollhouse lighting wasn’t so bad. Here are some bonus pictures I took while I was on vacation:

^This was taken before we left. That’s why there’s snow in the picture. 

       As always, have a great day and remember to eat your veggies. 

       Bye! <3


  1. That blog post made me happy as a clam! I love when the sun’s out and the puns are out! I hope you’ll do more story posts, you’re a great writer!

  2. The puns 😣😂
    I loved this post so much!

    -Brooklyn from Jessica & Lea :]

    1. Whale, I’m glad you enjoyed it, Brooklyn!

  3. DANG! All of those pictures were such good quality!!

    1. Yes!! The lighting at the beach was absolutely amazing! I need to go to Florida all the time now to take pictures lol.

  4. Eden seems full of fun! The pins where great!

    1. I’m so glad we agree that the puns were fin-tactic! I love to annoy my friends with my puns, so I knew I needed to make this photostory when I got Eden!


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